To work or not to work!

October 14, 2005 at 5:48 pm (Single Parenting)

Well after beind at home for nearly three years to raise my daughter i have decided to face the music head on and try and get myself back to work….. ah yes i hear you say! get off your lazy arse and stop sponging off the government…. well let me tell you how it is.

The government has made it incredibly difficult for single mothers to return to work due to the fact they dont offer enough money for child care, and also if you work full time they expect you to pay nearly all your rent and council tax, how is that possible i ask myself on a single salary with child care costs to pay?.

Anyway im about to look at the inland revenue website to try and calculate what child care costs will be covered for me and if it is possible for me to get my independance back.


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