Do you have a Blog platform?

March 3, 2006 at 2:31 pm (Blogging)

First things first, do you have a blog?, I had a blog, but started
It without knowing how to write It properly, this caused me endless
problems and delays through my lack of knowledge, I didnt even know how
to apply a link “which Is really Important when blogging because It
makes your blog more Interesting to readers, so my advice to you Is “get to know the fundamentals of blogging?.

How To Link In your Blog

1) Copy the “URL? you want from your web browser (URL is the address in you browser ie
2) In the “Write post? section of your dashboard click your curser where you want the text to be, then click on the Icon that reads HTML, then paste your URL in there. If you try to do it directly Into your post you will not get the paste option when you right click.

3) Click “update? (you should now see your URL in your post window).

4) Highlight your URL and Click on the “link? Icon (you will not be able to click on this Icon until your URL Is highlighted!)

5) paste your URL into “Link URL? and click “Insert?.

6) Then once your post is completed click “SAVE?.

There are lots of different blog sites out there but the best one I found Is at “wordpress?


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