Promo night at Pantiles 3rd February

March 8, 2006 at 11:29 am (Socialising)

Me and the girls went to Pantiles in Bagshot on friday night for a “promo night”.

The guests were Fran Cosgrave and Callum Best, Please let me assure you we are not groupies and were only going to see all the idiot’s flock around them.

We arrived at around 9.30pm and the receptionist advised us it was £10 entry or £20 for the opportunity to mingle with “the boys” in the V.I.P area! yes for real, they actually had a bloody V.I.P area, as you can imagine we laughed and paid our £10 and rocked off to the bar.

12am they arrived, well i was quite surprised how uncomfortable Callum looked, I was certain he would walk around like he owned the place (not that he would want to it’s crap).

By 12.15am we had had enough of the “groupies” flashing their orange fake tanned bodies, wonderbras and fluffy yeti boots so we headed of to Macdonalds for Big mac’s all round.


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