Vanilla Windsor Sat 4th March

March 8, 2006 at 12:28 pm (Socialising)

Yep, Bang on it yet again but this time in Windsor at Vanilla

Far more swish than Pantiles and i have to say if you view their website

it’s not what it appears, it makes me laugh how they can state they have 5 yes 5 rooms and have podium dancers, well the rooms are tiny and one of the podium dancers is a 40yr old MC hammer reject that is bald and wears sunnies and fingerless leather gloves, ok so im not against bald heads they can be sexy but not in this form.

A friend of my said “Jayne it’s the only club you can go to and get wagon wheels on the wall” say’s it all really.

Anyway back to Vanilla, unfortunately we were late arriving due to outfit issues, it was freezing cold and there was a long queue, and my heels are not the best for walking the cobbled streets of Windsor, we stood in the queue next to various drunks and spice boys thinking their it and invading our personal space, Finally we were at the front of the queue and the bouncer advised us they were not letting anyone else in as they had reached their capacity and still had a large guest list, well we were not about to admit defete that easily so we smile sweetly and stood our ground, our shivering in the cold and aching feet paid off as they let us in, remember girls be polite to the bouncers dont creep mind it just aint cool!!

When we got in a thawed out we headed straight for the bar and noticed a few famous faces along the way which would explain the large guest list, Andy the now out of work actor from hollyoaks ( the footballer rapist) and Micky Miller from eastenders oh and a few random footballers from Reading FC, which may i add were swooning all over my mate Emma.

The music was great and there was more than enough to look at in the male form, fabulous night all round and i will be heading there again this Friday for more fun and frolicks!

So another thing i need to establish with “celebritys” we all know it’s not cool to follow them around in a Bar/club but we all like to have a good look, so how do we do it without losing our dignity? I’ll leave that thought with you.


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