Vanilla Windsor Sat 4th March

March 8, 2006 at 12:28 pm (Socialising)

Yep, Bang on it yet again but this time in Windsor at Vanilla

Far more swish than Pantiles and i have to say if you view their website

it’s not what it appears, it makes me laugh how they can state they have 5 yes 5 rooms and have podium dancers, well the rooms are tiny and one of the podium dancers is a 40yr old MC hammer reject that is bald and wears sunnies and fingerless leather gloves, ok so im not against bald heads they can be sexy but not in this form.

A friend of my said “Jayne it’s the only club you can go to and get wagon wheels on the wall” say’s it all really.

Anyway back to Vanilla, unfortunately we were late arriving due to outfit issues, it was freezing cold and there was a long queue, and my heels are not the best for walking the cobbled streets of Windsor, we stood in the queue next to various drunks and spice boys thinking their it and invading our personal space, Finally we were at the front of the queue and the bouncer advised us they were not letting anyone else in as they had reached their capacity and still had a large guest list, well we were not about to admit defete that easily so we smile sweetly and stood our ground, our shivering in the cold and aching feet paid off as they let us in, remember girls be polite to the bouncers dont creep mind it just aint cool!!

When we got in a thawed out we headed straight for the bar and noticed a few famous faces along the way which would explain the large guest list, Andy the now out of work actor from hollyoaks ( the footballer rapist) and Micky Miller from eastenders oh and a few random footballers from Reading FC, which may i add were swooning all over my mate Emma.

The music was great and there was more than enough to look at in the male form, fabulous night all round and i will be heading there again this Friday for more fun and frolicks!

So another thing i need to establish with “celebritys” we all know it’s not cool to follow them around in a Bar/club but we all like to have a good look, so how do we do it without losing our dignity? I’ll leave that thought with you.


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Promo night at Pantiles 3rd February

March 8, 2006 at 11:29 am (Socialising)

Me and the girls went to Pantiles in Bagshot on friday night for a “promo night”.

The guests were Fran Cosgrave and Callum Best, Please let me assure you we are not groupies and were only going to see all the idiot’s flock around them.

We arrived at around 9.30pm and the receptionist advised us it was £10 entry or £20 for the opportunity to mingle with “the boys” in the V.I.P area! yes for real, they actually had a bloody V.I.P area, as you can imagine we laughed and paid our £10 and rocked off to the bar.

12am they arrived, well i was quite surprised how uncomfortable Callum looked, I was certain he would walk around like he owned the place (not that he would want to it’s crap).

By 12.15am we had had enough of the “groupies” flashing their orange fake tanned bodies, wonderbras and fluffy yeti boots so we headed of to Macdonalds for Big mac’s all round.

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“Skype” I love it!

March 8, 2006 at 11:17 am (Miscellaneous)

Well I have just got my new Skype headset and I love it, you can use it just as you would Instant messenger.

It’s great as all calls are free and I have family in America and Denmark so it got expensive before Skype.

Even my little one love’s it, especially when she can talk to her Nanny.

resizedfeb2006.jpgElla doing Skype!

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What is RSS?

March 3, 2006 at 2:32 pm (Blogging)

I had to find out what RSS meant and the best way to get Information Is the “WWW? I did a search on “what Is RSS? In Google and It came up with the following link which Personally I thought was a really good and an easy to read description.
Once I had established what RSS (really simple syndication) was and that you needed to find an aggregator that would supply these RSS feeds this nicely led me onto my next step, “Finding my aggregator?

I had actually had a tip off about a good aggregator called “Bloglines? there are others you can use which are also free and the is no Installing software either.

I now needed to know eactly how to use this site, I must admit, It
is relatively easy to use but I searched on google and found a chap
with a great blog called “betterdays?
Preetam has definately helped me understand and there Is an easy step by step guide on how to get started.

And Finally

This has been a real challenge for me, however I have really enjoyed
learning about RSS and Bloglines with the help from other bloggers, I
hope you find this site useful and please feel free to comment.

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Do you have a Blog platform?

March 3, 2006 at 2:31 pm (Blogging)

First things first, do you have a blog?, I had a blog, but started
It without knowing how to write It properly, this caused me endless
problems and delays through my lack of knowledge, I didnt even know how
to apply a link “which Is really Important when blogging because It
makes your blog more Interesting to readers, so my advice to you Is “get to know the fundamentals of blogging?.

How To Link In your Blog

1) Copy the “URL? you want from your web browser (URL is the address in you browser ie
2) In the “Write post? section of your dashboard click your curser where you want the text to be, then click on the Icon that reads HTML, then paste your URL in there. If you try to do it directly Into your post you will not get the paste option when you right click.

3) Click “update? (you should now see your URL in your post window).

4) Highlight your URL and Click on the “link? Icon (you will not be able to click on this Icon until your URL Is highlighted!)

5) paste your URL into “Link URL? and click “Insert?.

6) Then once your post is completed click “SAVE?.

There are lots of different blog sites out there but the best one I found Is at “wordpress?

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Getting on that “Blogging bandwaggon”!

March 3, 2006 at 2:30 pm (Blogging)

I have just been bought a T42 Laptop and want to get on the blogging
bandwagon, but have no Idea what I’m doing as I’m a complete novice at
all this.

Stick with me and you will be getting a step by step guide on how I have done.

My goal Is to become a bloglines expert and In order to do that
there are few little hurdles I need to get over first, one being what is RSS? and what is Bloglines?.

So with just my brain, T42 laptop and “WWW? let’s see how I get on! Wish me luck!

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I love my Thinkpad T42 Laptop!

January 28, 2006 at 8:14 pm (Blogging)

Well my brother nick came over last week with his daughter Robyn which was great but it was all work work work as nick was here for business reasons mainly, He did come over to Install my new T42 Laptop and I love it, what a great little machine……

Im trying to learn as much as I can from nick with regards to his website he certainly knows his stuff.

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Nicola And Carl’s Big Day !!!!!

October 26, 2005 at 3:13 pm (Family & Friends)

nic4.jpg nic32.jpg nic8.jpg nic111.jpg nic13.jpg nic15.jpg nic21.jpg nic14.jpg nic29.jpg nic16.jpg nic18.jpg nic20.jpg nic23.jpg nic22.jpg nic311.jpg nic33.jpg

Wow What a fantastic day we all had, Nicola and carl were married on the 22nd October and they both looked fabulous!!!!

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Nick Ella and Robyn

October 15, 2005 at 1:52 pm (Family & Friends)


Here are my brother Nick, daughter Ella and Niece Robyn.

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To work or not to work!

October 14, 2005 at 5:48 pm (Single Parenting)

Well after beind at home for nearly three years to raise my daughter i have decided to face the music head on and try and get myself back to work….. ah yes i hear you say! get off your lazy arse and stop sponging off the government…. well let me tell you how it is.

The government has made it incredibly difficult for single mothers to return to work due to the fact they dont offer enough money for child care, and also if you work full time they expect you to pay nearly all your rent and council tax, how is that possible i ask myself on a single salary with child care costs to pay?.

Anyway im about to look at the inland revenue website to try and calculate what child care costs will be covered for me and if it is possible for me to get my independance back.

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